SQLite Integration Connector

Integrate your systems with the SQlite database system.

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Product Description

The Database connector allows you to perform CRUD tasks against the SQlite database system

Tasks include

  • SQLite Execute – performs a SQL execute against the database e.g. Update customers set trading_terms = 30
  • SQLite Execute Scalar – performs a SQL query returning a single result e.g. select sum(balance) from customers
  • SQLite Repeater – Container task that executes a SQL query and allows you to perform additional tasks inside this task to process each row in the query.
  • SQLite Select – performs a SQL query against the database returning an XML data set e.g. select * from customers

All data is returned and expected in XML format. You can use XSLT or data adaptors to convert to any other format.

Price quoted is for a 12 month license which renews annually. All prices exclude VAT.

Full documentation relating to the connector can be found http://help.zynk.com/kb/connectors/sql-server-integration