SQLite Integration
SQLite Integration Connector

Integrate your systems with the SQlite database system.

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Integration to SugarCRM
SugarCRM Integration Connector

The SugarCRM connector allows you to integrate any other Zynk connector with SugarCRM. It is a simple connector but is very flexible in what it can do.


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Integration with Swiftpage Act
Swiftpage ACT! Integration Connector

Easily integrate your Act CRM system with any other systems including Sage 50, Sage 200 and other ERP systems

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Tesco Integration Connector

The Tesco integration connector provides a number of automation tasks for the Tesco Partner Marketplace. Tasks include: Download Orders Update Inventory Update Orders Upload Listings Upload Product Images Upload Shipments Includes one workflow.  Price quoted is for a 12 month license which renews annually. … Read More

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Zynk Integration
UI Integration Connector

The UI Connector for Zynk allows the system to interact with the desktop user interface and request input from the user or display message boxes.

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Volo Commerce Integration Connector

The Volo Commerce connector for Zynk Workflow provides a number of tasks for code-free integration with the Volo commerce platform Export Credits – Filtered by Date or modified records only Export Customers – Filtering by Field attributes or merchant types … Read More

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Web Integration Connector
Web Integration Connector

The Web connector for Zynk allows you to interface with Web services on the internet including REST, SOAP or simple Web pages. You can use the Web connector to grab a copy of a web page and have Zynk email … Read More

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Integration with Winparf till systems
Winparf Integration Connector

The Winparf connector will accept an input file from the Winparf Point of Sales system and convert it to XML format for processing within Zynk Features include Convert to XML Price quoted is for a 12 month license which renews annually. … Read More

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WooCommerce Integration Connector

The WooCommerce integration connector provides a number of automation tasks for the eCommerce toolkit for WordPress. Tasks include: Download Customers Download Orders Download Products Upsert Customers Upsert Orders Upsert Products Includes one workflow.  Price quoted is for a 12 month license which … Read More

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WordPress Integration Connector

The WordPress connector for Zynk Workflow allows automation and integration with the WordPress CMS system to allow codefree updates and access to data on your WordPress site. Export Comments Export Pages Export Posts Export Users Import Pages Import Posts Import … Read More

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Workbook Integration Connector

Workbook is a popular project managment solution and the connector for Zynk Workflow allows users to export invoices from Workbook for subsequent automated data entry into their Accounting or ERP system. For technical information please see http://workflow.zynk.com/  

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Xero Connector Logo
Xero Connector

Integrate the Xero accounting system with Ecommerce sites, Web sites, CRM, EDI systems as well as EPOS systems.

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XML Data Integration
XML Integration Connector

The XML connector for Zynk allows you to process a number of tasks against XML files to process, parse and split large files. Features include XML Merge merges two XML files of the same or similar structure XML Repeater – loops through an … Read More

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Zoho CRM Integration Connector

The connector for Zoho CRM allows you to seamlessly integrate Zoho CRM with the entire range of connectors for Zynk Workflow. Tasks included in this connector: Delete Records – Allows execution of a delete records tasks to remove records from … Read More

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Zynk Integration
Zynk Workflow

Purchase Additional workflows for Zynk to automate additional processes in your business

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