Seamlessly sync Zynk files across machines with Dropbox

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If you’re developing for Zynk there may be times when you need to work on the same project across multiple machines. For example: –

– You may be working on Workflow or XSLT files locally while testing them on a staging machine.
– You may be testing or running your Zynk workflow on a virtual machine while working on your desktop.
– You may be installing or modifying a Zynk install on a “headless” machine at a client site while working from a laptop.

Because the files used for Zynk Workflows tend to be lightweight and without external dependencies simply moving the entire “working folder” zynk uses from one machine to another is often an acceptable solution. This folder is typically found at C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataInternetwareZynk1.0 on Windows XP or C:ProgramDataInternetwareZynk1.0 on Windows Vista and Windows 7 and this is where Zynk keeps all files required for Workflows to run by default. An alternative which developers facing situations like the above might find more convenient is using a Dropboxfolder as their working folder for Zynk. Dropbox is a great little service and application used for syncing files across devices, and with the client application installed Dropbox folders on different machines will sync almost instantly across most networks. To begin using Dropbox as your Zynk working folder:

  1. Create a Dropbox account and install the Dropbox client on any machines you want to use.
  2. In your installation(s) of Zynk got to Tools > Options and change the “Data Path” field to the location of your Dropbox folder.


Hey presto! Seamless sharing between a development and staging version of Zynk, between a linux/osx dev machine and a windows virtual machine running Zynk, or whatever other combination you should need.