Connect your Accounting, Ecommerce, CRM and Databases both in the cloud or on-premise using our codeless, Sage certified data integration and business automation platform.

Data Integration and Automation Connectors

Zynk Workflow can connect to a wide range of systems and services with around 80 connectors covering popular Accounting, CRM, Ecommerce, Logistics, Databases and File formats.

Accounting and ERP
Cloud Services
File Formats
Payment Gateways
Warehouse Management
Web Services

About Zynk

Who are Zynk?

Zynk in an ISV that specialises in the development of Robotic Process Automation software for the Fintech and Ecommerce sectors which allow anyone without programming knowledge to create workflows that automate business processes that were traditionally done by humans such as Data Entry, Data Migration, KPI Dashboards, Reporting, Business Alerts and much more.
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What can Zynk do for you?

There are so many tasks ranging from the mundane to business critical that are currently done manually without thinking about it. Running your reports, sending statements to customers, sending invoices, checking stock levels, rekeying data between systems and much more – The Zynk Workflow platform lets you automate all of this.
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What’s in it for me?

Zynk products already save our customers thousands of hours of time by automating manual processes, the frees up your internal resources to let your team concentrate on running your business and improving the human aspects of your business such as customer service.
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Who uses Zynk?

1000’s of integrations are running on customer sites worldwide ranging from small businesses to large enterprises all using the Zynk Workflow platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year automating the most important aspects of their business.
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