Zynk can provide cloud-to-cloud or ground-to-cloud integration with the Salesforce CRM as well as the Force.com platform using our custom Salesforce connector for Zynk.

The salesforce connector allows you to perform a number of operations such as updating records, inserting new records and exporting data. The Zynk connector also provides tasks for performing these queries using the Salesforce Bulk API.

Typical integration scenarios for Salesforce include:

  • Downloading “Closed and Won” opportunites to Sage 50 or Sage 200 as Sales Orders / Invoices
  • Downloading master Account information from Salesforce and updating customer records in Sage
  • Uploading inventory information from accounting systems or databases to Salesforce
  • Uploading Price books and Product information from Sage accounting or other ERP systems to Sales force
  • Uploading transactional data and balances from Sage or other ERP systems to Salesforce custom objects.

The list of possibilities is endless if you need any further advice please call one of our team.