Workbooks CRM Integration

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We are pleased to welcome Workbooks CRM to the Zynk Ecosystem!

CRM systems come in as many different shapes and sizes as there are businesses to use them. Workbooks CRM is perfect for growing businesses, allowing them to effectively engage with their customers at a price point that is typically 50-70% less than some of the alternatives available.

Using our brand-new connector, you can import and export data from all Workbooks endpoints, including Organisations, Opportunities, Products, and Sales Leads. Once the data has been exported, it can be transformed within the Zynk environment and then pushed to any other system within the Zynk Ecosystem.

When you combine the no-nonsense API of Workbooks CRM with the power and flexibility of the Zynk Automation platform, the only limit to what you can achieve is your imagination.

With a little design either on your own or by our development team, you could have a fully formed workflow that synchronises your Workbooks stock with your WMS, your Opportunities with your Accounting software and your Shipments with multiple Third Party Logistics companies.

Our new Workbooks CRM connector allows for all this and more.

  • Streamline your business by automating data entry.
  • Save hundreds of hours each month in data entry hours.
  • Free up staff to focus on the areas that really count
  • Connect all of your systems together via one centralised system.
Workbooks CRM