Quickbooks Online Connector

Integrate Quickbooks Online accounting system with Ecommerce sites, Web sites, CRM, EDI systems as well as EPOS systems.



The Quickbooks connector for Zynk allows you to integrate and automate a number of tasks with Quickbooks online accounting system Integrate your CRM systems, Ecommerce sites and Databases to your Quickbooks Online.


  • Integrate your Ecommerce website to Quickbooks online
  • Integrate your CRM system to Quickbooks
  • Download Ebay and Amazon orders directly into Quickbooks
  • Import Price list changes from an Excel spreadsheet

Tasks include

  • Export Accounts
  • Export Credit Memos
  • Export Currencies
  • Export Customers
  • Export Invoices
  • Export Items (Products)
  • Export Payments
  • Export Purchase Orders
  • Export Sales Receipts
  • Export Tax Codes
  • Export Vendors
  • Import Credit Memos
  • Import Customers
  • Import Invoices
  • Import Items
  • Import Payments
  • Import Purchase Orders
  • Import Sales Receipts
  • Import Vendors (Supppliers)

Technical documentation