Sage Accounting Connector

Integrate your Sage Business Cloud Accounting system with your ecommerce, CRM, databases and more.



Easily integrate the cloud based version of Sage Accounting system to any of the connectors within the Zynk ecosystem.

Capabilities of the Sage Accounting integration connector

  • Export Account Types
  • Export Bank Accounts
  • Export Customers
  • Export Countries
  • Export Ledger Accounts
  • Export Period Types
  • Export Products
  • Export Purchase Invoices
  • Export Sales Invoices
  • Export Services
  • Export Suppliers
  • Export Tax Rates
  • Import Customers
  • Import Products
  • Import Purchase Invoices
  • Import Sales Invoices
  • Import Services
  • Import Suppliers

This connector fully supports Start, Standard and Plus editions of Sage Accounting using the official API

Full technical documentation relating to this connector can be found at