The Zynk professional services team offer a managed integration service which includes advice on integration strategy, full system specification, consulting, development, testing and deployment..

Whilst you can integrate and deploy Zynk yourself or with your own developer, there are substantial benefits of choosing a fully managed service from Zynk

  • Leverage Zynk’s in-house design skills
  • 13+ Years Experience
  • Faster implementation
  • Guaranteed results.

We offer two kinds of projects when it comes to managed services:

Fixed Price Projects

Where the project requirements are clearly defined, all integration points are developed and have been operational for some time, a detailed specification is be written up prior to development which outlines all integration points, field mappings, test and deployment plans. We then sign off on the specification and start work on the integration. Once completed, we deploy the project to a test (sandbox) environment for you to perform acceptance testing then once you are happy with the integration we deploy to your live servers.

Quickstart Projects

This kind of project is best suited to an agile style development when you are, for example, mid-cycle in the development of your systems and need to change direction rapidly and where a fixed specification would not benefit the business overall.

In this scenario we can provide either 3, 5 or 10 day Quickstart packages which include a fixed number of days and where time can be used on a “call off” basis. If you need more time you can simply purchase additional days.