Amazon Vendor Central Integration Connector

The Amazon Vendor Central Integration Connector will allow you to import and export EDI files from Amazon Vendor Central. The tasks automatically convert this to/from the EDIFACT D96A format used by Amazon. Tasks included Download Purchase Orders Notify Purchase Orders Upload Despatch Advice … Read More

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Big Commerce Ecommerce Integration
BigCommerce Integration Connector

Integrate your BigCommerce web shop with your accounting software, CRM or databases.

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Channel Advisor Integration
ChannelAdvisor Integration Connector

The ChannelAdvisor connector provides a number of automation tasks for the hosted channel management platform. Tasks include: Download Orders Update Inventory Includes one workflow.  Price quoted is for a 12 month license which renews annually. All prices exclude VAT. Full documentation relating to … Read More

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CloudCommerce Pro Integration Connector

The Cloud Commerce Pro connector provides the following tasks to the Zynk Workflow platform allowing you to easily integrate Cloud Commerce Pro with your accounting, CRM, inventory and warehouse management systems. Export Orders Export Products Export Returns Export Sales Allocations … Read More

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Ebay Integration Connector

The eBay connector for Zynk allows you to access data from your eBay web shop and supports the UK, US, DE, IT, FR and ES eBay shops in XML format ready for import to your Sage accounting, Database or ERP system … Read More

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Integration with EKM Powershop
EKM Powershop Integration Connector

The EKM powershop connector provides an integration with the popular ecommerce platform.


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Magento integration ecommerce
Magento Integration Connector

This connector allows Zynk to integrate to the Magento ecommerce platform.

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Integration with PayPal
PayPal Integration Connector

The PayPal connector allows you to download trasnsctional data from the payment gateway.

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ProSKU Integration Connector

The integration connector for ProSKU allows for automation of the ProSKU warehouse managment systems and includes the following tasks as standard. Export Adjustments Export Despatches Export Receipts Export Stock Import Orders Import Pre-receipts Import Products Technical Documentation

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ShipStation Connector

The ShipStation connector for Zynk Workflow allows you to integrate the ShipStation 3PL system with any of your other systems including Ecommerce, Accounting, CRM or Warehouse Management Systems. Standard Tasks Export Carriers Export Orders Export Shipments Export Stores Import Orders … Read More

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Integration with Shopify
Shopify Integration Connector

The shopify connector for Zynk provides integration to the popular Shopify ecommerce platform.


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Visualsoft Integration Connector

Visualsoft are a UK based ecommerce solution provider, the connector for Visualsoft provides the following tasks to Zynk Workflow. Export Customers Export Orders Import Stock Levels Notify Orders Please contact your Visualsoft account manager directly to enable the Zynk integration … Read More

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WooCommerce Integration Connector

The WooCommerce integration connector provides a number of automation tasks for the eCommerce toolkit for WordPress. Tasks include: Download Customers Download Orders Download Products Upsert Customers Upsert Orders Upsert Products Supported Versions WooCommerce 2.2 WooCommerce 3.0 Technical Documentation

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WordPress Integration Connector

The WordPress connector for Zynk Workflow allows automation and integration with the WordPress CMS system to allow codefree updates and access to data on your WordPress site. Export Comments Export Pages Export Posts Export Users Import Pages Import Posts Import … Read More

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