CEO, Managing Director, Operations Director

Zynk ensures all management reports are up to date by moving data automatically between your systems. You are not left with any “backlogs” and accurate data means you can make better decisions.

Sales & Marketing

Sales or Marketing Director, Managers, Sales Professionals

You can use Zynk to collate sales reports have them automatically emailed to your co-workers or line manager. Zynk can also be used to consolidate data from multiple data sources to create a digital dashboard which you can display on a large screen in your office. Marketing departments can use it to monitor the response to a campaign and have updates sent every hour.


Finance Director, Accountant or Bookkeeper

By automating the repetitive tasks in your job such as importing data, exporting data, re-keying information between systems, you can focus on what is important in the business

IT Department

Developers, IT, Data Administrators, Technical Support

If you spend your day rekeying data, Zynk can either help you reduce the amount of drudgery involved or completely eliminate the task altogether and as IT professional you are constantly being pulled from one thing to another and those tedius tasks such as exporting data from the SQL database and importing to the accounting system can be completely automated