We have a dedicated support team in place to handle both product enquiries, technical support during any software trials and also to our existing customers.

In order to contact us please email our team at [email protected]

Why use our Support Ticketing System?

Submitting tickets guarantees the fastest and most complete response compared to writing in our forums or contacting us by telephone. Our standard SLA is 72hrs Monday-Friday, however in reality our response time is usually a lot faster.

Tickets are dealt with on a first come first served basis. If you are unsure what information may be useful please feel free to contact our office and one of our team will raise a ticket on your behalf.

When should a ticket be raised?

We offer a number of resources to get you started (forums, documentation, sample workflows, XSLT files etc.), but don’t hesitate to contact us if:

  • You are frustrated or have trouble setting up or configuring a workflow.
  • You are overwhelmed by our documentation and can’t find what you are looking for.
  • You believe we don’t have a feature you need.
  • You think you have found a bug.

How to get the fastest response

Before submitting a ticket, prepare the following information:

  • Zynk Log containing the error.
  • Your Zynk workflow.
  • Any orders/stock information that are not being correctly processed e.g SKU code/Order Number.

We need all of the above information to be able to assist in the quickest and most efficient way.

If you integration was installed/setup by a third party then please raise a support ticket with them in the first instance.

Zynk Support Team