The Zynk software was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made – we now have transactions automatically imported from our web site to Sage and linked to the relevant project so we can track exactly how much revenue is generated per project.


GCSEPod - Newcastle, UK

Zynk is an integral part of our business, we have an active link between Sage Line 50 accounts and our Web shop. With no duplication concerns, perfect product pricing and excellent order visibility, we have the confidence to grow our company quickly

Firefly Medical - London

Having considered and tested many technical solutions for the automation of this process we eventually chose Zynk because it was a) the most reliable b) the quickest to implement c) very flexible and d) we were able to get sensible help from the developer, who we considered to have a good pedigree in Sage products

E-Frame - UK

We use Zynk to handle transfer of live data from our database system to our client’s Salesforce system and it all works brilliantly!

Contact FMP - Newcastle, UK