Sage 200 Standard Online Integration Connector

Integrate your Sage 200 accounting system with Ecommerce sites, Databases, CRM, EDI, POS systems and more



The Sage 200 Standard Online connector provides integration support for Sage 200 Cloud edition and allows you to integrate and automate a number of tasks with your hosted Sage 200 accounting software. Due to limitations of the current version of the Sage 200 Standard Online API some of the functionality may differ from the Sage 200 Extra connector as the two applications are not compatible.

Tasks include

  • Export Country Codes
  • Export Currencies
  • Export Customers
  • Export Despatches
  • Export Price Bands
  • Export Purchase Transactions
  • Export Sales Orders
  • Export Sales Transactions
  • Export Stock Levels
  • Export Stock Records
  • Export Suppliers
  • Export Traders
  • Import Import Customers
  • Import Purchase Invoices
  • Import Sales Credit Notes
  • Import Sales Invoices
  • Import Sales Orders
  • Import Sales Payments
  • Import Sales Receipts
  • Import Stock Records
  • Import Suppliers
  • Import Traders

Example Sage 200 Integrations that are possible:


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