Try Cloud Backup for Sage 50


Try out Zynk’s technology for FREE – Cloud Online Backup for Sage 50 Please note that this product is no longer developed or supported. You can however develop a workflow to achieve this using the Zynk Workflow platform. Cloud Backup … Read More

Zynk Launched Today


We are pleased to announce the launch of Zynk – our new Business Automation and Integration platform. Zynk is a unique business automation platform that can automate integration, reporting and other IT business software processes that would normally take hours … Read More

SugarCRM Integration


We have just completed work on a SugarCRM module for integrations within Zynk. The SugarCRM module allows you to query data from a SugarCRM server as well as update data on the server. Examples of integrations include:- Automated and scheduled … Read More

Zynk website launched


We are pleased to launch our new website www.zynk.com to showcase our latest product Zynk business automation software.

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