Try Cloud Backup for Sage 50

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Try out Zynk’s technology for FREE – Cloud Online Backup for Sage 50

Please note that this product is no longer developed or supported. You can however develop a workflow to achieve this using the Zynk Workflow platform.

Cloud Backup for Sage 50 is a simple, easy to use online backup tool that will automatically backup your accounting data on a daily basis to any External Hard Drive, NAS, SAN, File Server, FTP server or Amazon’s S3 Cloud Storage service.


  • Complete peace of mind knowing that your Accounting data is backed up daily
  • Never forget to backup your Accounting data
  • Stores up to 30 Days of rolling backups
  • Uses cost effective local or online cloud storage facilities
  • Fully automated and runs in the background


  • Fully Automated Backup of your Sage 50 Accounts Data
  • Backup compression using industry standard “Zip” files
  • Automatically Backup to any FTP Server
  • Automatically Backup to Amazon S3 Cloud Storage
  • Automatically Backup to a Network File Server, SAN, External Hard Drive or USB Key
  • Support for additional Cloud storage devices coming soon.

As a free product we do not offer any support on this product

Is it hard to use?
No – we have made it as simple as possible for you to setup and use – there is just one screen, fill in the options and click Save and forget about it.

What are the limitations of the Free version?
There are no limitations other than if you need to perform a restore, that must be done manually by downloading the Zip file and unzipping it. We will be releasing a paid version with additional functionality including the ability to restore to any Sage company.

I dont have an FTP server or Amazon S3 – will it still work?
Yes – you can backup to an External Hard Drive, a Network Server, SAN, or even a USB Key!

Where can I get an FTP Server?
There are hundreds of suppliers try Google to find an FTP service provider

Where can I get Amazon S3 Cloud Storage
You can subscribe to a free Amazon S3 cloud storage account at

What about Support?
We offer free community support on this version or you can take out a paid support contract.

What versions of Sage 50 does it work with?
Any version of Sage 50 accounts is supported – we would recommend Sage 50 2007 or higher – all other versions of Sage 50 have reached end-of-life

Does this app replace my normal Sage Backup?
Cloud Backup for Sage 50 is not as a replacement for the Sage backup routine – it’s a “belt and braces” solution – so you should continue to backup using Sage.

Does it work with Sage Instant Accounting?

What are the requirements for running Cloud Backup for Sage 50?
You will need Sage 50 Accounts and for the backup destination you will require either an External Hard drive, USB Key, File Server or an FTP Server, for backing up to Amazon S3 you will need an Amazon Web Services account and S3 Keyset and Bucket Name.