Major Release ~ Zynk 1.3

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Zynk 1.3 is a major release and is due out on October 15th. It contains the following new features and functionality along with a number of minor amendments and fixes.

  • NEW Trial versions can be downloaded from
  • NEW Welcome screen with live news feed, direct links to Help Centre and your licensing information
  • NEW Magento Connector with facility for Export Orders, Export Products, Import Inventory and Update Order Status.
  • NEW SQLite Connector added with support for Select, Execute and Repeater tasks
  • NEW Amazon Marketplace Connector added with support for Submit Feed, Submit Inventory Feed, Submit Price Feed, Get Feed Submission List and Get Feed Submission Result
  • Zynk Network Paths – Zynk now allows you to specify the an alternative path for Workflows, Data and Logs
  • Sage 200 Connector now has full support for Sage 200 2009, 2010, 2011 [Versions 6,7 and 8]
  • Sage 200 Connector Import Sales Orders now places excess stock into a default warehouse based on priority (per stock item)
  • Sage 50 Connector Export Sales Orders and Export Invoices tasks now includes the email address of the related sales ledger account at the address line level
  • Sage 50 Connector now imports Trade Contact,
  • Sage 50 Connector now has a Despatch Sales Order task
  • Sage 50 Connector Import Sales Orders now accounts for negative stock.
  • Sage 50 Connector Import of Invoices and Sales Orders now includes option to automatically create a customer based on order information
  • Sage 50 Connector now supports import of Goods Received Notes (POP)
  • Sage 50 Connector now supports import and export of Barcode field
  • Sage 50 Connector Import Sales Orders now has option to automatically allocate stock during import
  • Sage 50 Connector Import Sale Orders / Invoices / Purchase Orders – updates to how Tax Codes and Nominal Codes are handled for UK, EU and ROW orders
  • Sage 50 Connector Import Invoices now has a de-duplication option based on Invoice Number
  • FTP Connector now supports Zynk objects
  • PayPal Connector now supports the option to filter the type of transaction downloaded
  • Xml Split and Xml Transform – XPath Query is now a Zynk Object and can be scripted against
  • Object Model now supports Goods Note + Goods Note Collection
  • HTTP Connector now supports option to specify number of retries for a connection
  • Zynk Objects can now “read” a URL contents directly without the need to download the data.
  • Zynk Repeater Tasks context object is now supported in all repeater tasks