Sending data securely and ensuring GDPR compliance

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On occassion, our support desk may request that you send data or attachments to us and for GDPR compliance a number of clients have asked us if we have a more secure method other than email. We use the following 3rd party services secure services to receive data all of which use an HTTPS connection to submit information. Data is only stored on our internal systems for the duration that it is required to resolve the issue in question after which point it is securely destroyed

  • Wufoo – General Enqury forms which are sent to our Ticketing system.
  • Helpscout – Support Ticketing system – can handle small attachments
  • Mediafire for Business – Secure one-way dropbox for large data uploads

Links for submitting tickets securely and uploading data securely

  • Support Tickets / Small attachments use the the small red icon at the bottom right corner of our website
  • Large data uploads¬†these should only be submitted via¬†which uses Mediafire for Business

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact one of our team.